Fragment 3D: A 3D Point and Click Adventure Game for Android

From The Day of the Tentacle to Syberia, adventure games have come a long way. We now have games developed exclusively for the Google Android platform and iPhone. The newest game is the episodic Fragment 3D, a point and click adventure game focusing on the adventures of a robot who is left to rust in the underworld. You will have to help him escape and help him unearth secrets and conspiracies.

News: What Was the First Adventure Game?

Adventure gamers would love to know what was the first adventure game. Well, it was a 1970s computer game titled "Colossal Cave Adventure", also known as "Adventure". Designed by Will Crowther, the game was in FORTRAN and initially had 700 lines of code and data, which was later expanded to 3,000 lines of code and more than 1000 lines of data.

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